How to Arrange for a Cremation

When arranging a cremation for a loved one or pre-planning your own cremation, you can seek relevant information and details from Nutmeg State Cremation Services. In fact, it is also possible to pay for a funeral and cremation in advance.

Feel free to contact us to help you comply with the legal, procedural and local requirements that you may not be aware of. Moreover, we at Nutmeg State Cremation Services may suggest better alternatives for the procedures you want to follow.

Did you know...

What happens after the cremation process is complete?

After the cremation process, all organic bone fragments, which are very brittle, as well as non-consumed metal items are "swept" into the front of the cremation chamber and into a stainless steel cooling pan. All non-consumed items, like metal from clothing, hip joints, and bridge work, are separated from the cremated remains.

This separation is accomplished through visual inspection as well as by using a strong magnet for smaller and minute metallic objects. At the conclusion of the cremation process, items such as dental gold and silver are non-recoverable and are commingled with the cremated remains.

Remaining bone fragments are then processed in a machine to a consistent size and placed into a temporary or permanent urn, selected by the family.