Comparing Funeral vs Cremation Costs

Funeral vs. Cremation Costs

Whether you are a surviving family member making arrangements for a loved one or an individual determining your own plans, there are emotional and economic factors when choosing between traditional burial and cremation.

Here is some information about funeral costs vs. cremation costs that may help your decision-making process:

  • Traditional burial involves preparation that cremation does not, including embalming, making cremation costs lower.

  • In traditional burial, you have to purchase a casket, which can range in cost from $500 to upwards of $14,000, dependent on the construction and materials. Cremation costs include an urn to store ashes, which can often come in under $200.

  • Cremation costs for the actual burial are also often less expensive than traditional burial, as there is no need to purchase a plot of land and a headstone, arrange for transport of the casket to the cemetery, or pay to have the grave opened and the casket placed.

If you have determined that cremation is your desired route, also keep in mind that cremation costs can vary. Be sure to compare cremation costs between providers so that you make the right decision for your family.

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