The Cremation Process

In this section, we explain in detail the steps that are taken following the death of your loved one. This material helps many families understand the entire cremation process, including time-frames and logistics.

1.  We are notified via the family or the facility at which the death has occurred. Once contact has been established, and the pronouncement of death is documented on an official State of Connecticut Death Certificate, we are dispatched to the location of death and your loved one is transported back to our facility. During this transfer, an identifying ankle bracelet is placed on the decedent at the place of death for tracking purposes.
2.  Your loved one is bathed and sanitized, per the standards of the laws set forth by the State of Connecticut.
3.  We meet with the family, where vital statistics are obtained and permits are signed, unless pre-arrangements have been set prior to the death. Also, the death certificate, if incomplete, is filled out by the assigned medical doctor and the Medical Examiner is subsequently notified.

4.  The Medical Examiner’s assistant arrives at our facility the next business day to document the death, conduct a thorough non-invasive medical examination and, once satisfied, our facility receives a "green slip", which is the Medical Examiner’s authorization to cremate. 

** In the meantime, please note that the cremation process does not occur prior to the mandatory 48 hour waiting period, per Connecticut State Law. Your loved one will remain in our secure facility throughout this time. **
5.  Once the appropriate paperwork is completed, we file it in the town in which the death occurred. Thereafter, we wait for the remainder of the required state mandated waiting hour period to expire.

6.  Once the 48 hour period expires and the appropriate paperwork has been filed, your loved one is then placed in a simple wooden or cardboard container that is required by the crematorium. Other containers are available, if desired, for an additional fee. 

7.  Prior to cremation, two staff members, independently, identifies the decedent once again and sign internal forms to ensure accuracy.

8.  Your loved one will be handled by certified crematory operators, who utilize a tracking system to ensure your loved one is returned to you.

9.  Are you still not at ease? Even taking in consideration all the well established systems set in place, we go one step further to add your peace of mind. Although we cannot state that we own and operate our own crematorium, we can, however, tell you that your loved one will NEVER leave our custody. How so?

If a family is concerned and want that added peace of mind, Nutmeg State Cremation Society has implemented a first EVER in the industry! We will assign a staff member to the crematory while your loved one is being cremated. Once your loved one is placed in the crematory, the staff member will remain on the premises throughout the process to ensure the safe return.

10.  And finally, the ashes are returned to our facility and the family will be notified to make arrangements for burial, memorial service/mass, scattering or for your retention. You may also have visitation/calling hours at our location, if desired, for an additional fee.

We want you, the consumer, to know that your loved one is cared for each step of the way during the cremation process. At Nutmeg State Cremation Society, we will accommodate a family’s wishes to the best of our ability.

**  At Nutmeg State Cremation Society, we have implemented a 10 step ID process that  ensures your loved one is safe throughout the entire cremation process. Please click on the “Nutmeg Guarantee” for more details. **