Cremation Urns

Aristocrat Gold Cremation UrnAristocrat Gold


Symphony Chest Cremation UrnSymphony chest


Jefferson MahoganyJefferson Mahogany


Franklin Cherry Cremation UrnFranklin Cherry


Monroe Oak Cremation UrnMonroe Oak


Stained Poplar Cremation UrnStained Poplar


Hartley Cremation UrnHartley


Stratton Cremation UrnStratton


Honey Brown Cremation UrnHoney Brown


Basic Cremation UrnBasic Urn


Monterey Cremation UrnMonterey Maple


Sheet Bronze Chest Cremation UrnSheet Bronze Chest


Regal Painted Sheet Bronze Chest Cremation UrnRegal painted Sheet Bronze Chest


Magnolia Pink Cloisonne Cremation UrnMagnolia Pink Cloisonne


Adobe Cloisonne Cremation UrnAdobe Cloisonne


Cameo Bell Jar Cremation UrnCameo Bell Jar


Meadow Green Single Cremation UrnMeadow Green Single


Ashen Pewter Cremation UrnAshen Pewter


Chestnut Bronze Cremation UrnChestnut Bronze


Brushed Brass Marcelo Cremation UrnBrushed Brass Marcelo


Did you know...

What is cremation?

To begin with, it is probably easier to describe what cremation isn't. The cremation process is not final disposition of the remains, nor is it some type of funeral service. Rather, it is a process of reducing the human body to bone fragments using high heat and flame.

How long does the actual cremation process take?

The length of the entire cremation process depends on the weight of the individual. For an average size adult, the cremation process takes from two to three hours at normal operating temperature between 1,500 degrees F to 2,000 degrees F.