Map and Directions

We are conveniently located in Stamford Connecticut to better serve you.

For your convenience, you can reach Nutmeg State Cremation Society by phone at 203-348-0443 or on Facebook 

Nutmeg State Cremation Society

104 Myrtle Avenue
Stamford Connecticut 06902
Phone Number: 203-348-0443

Directions to Funeral Home

I-95 North (Coming from New York) 
I-95 to Exit 8 Atlantic Street
Continue straight off ramp. to 3rd traffic light. 
Turn right onto Elm Street.
Go to 1st traffic light, turn left at light onto Myrtle Ave,
Funeral Home is 2 blocks on the right side, across from·Volvo.

I-95 South (Coming from New Haven) 
I-95 South to Exit 8 Elm Street
At the end'of the ramp turn left onto Elm Street;
Go under Railroad Bridge, at the 1st traffic light turn left onto Myrtle Ave.
Funeral Home is 2 blocks on the right side, across from Volvo.

Merrritt Parkway North (Coming from New York)
Exit 34 Long Ridge Road, right off ramp onto Long Ridge Rd. 
Continue straight onto Summer Street.
Take left onto Broad Street, at 4th traffic light turn right onto Grove Street.
Go under l-95 and Railroad Bridge; at lst traffic light after RR Bridge turn left onto
Myrtle Ave. Funeral Home is, 2 blocks on the right hand side, across from Volvo,

Merritt Parkway Sou,th (Coming fro New Haven)
Exit 35  High Ridge Road,  right off ramp onto  High Ridge Rd.
Continue straight  onto Summer Street. (One Way)
Take a left onto Broad Street. At 4th traffic light take right onto Grove Street.
Go under I-95 and RR Bridge, at 1st traffic light after the RR Bridge, turn left onto Myrtle·Ave. 
Funeral Home is 2 blocks on the right across from Volvo.

Rt . 1 South, (Post Road, Coming from Norwalk)
Turn left onto Myrtle Ave.
Toyota Dealership is on the left corner.
Funeral Home is 3 blocks on the left, across from Volvo.

Did you know...

Do I need a Cremation Urn?

Following the cremation process, many families choose to store remains in an a urn. An urn is not required by law. However, an urn may be desired if there is to be a memorial service or the cremated remains are to be interred in a cemetery. If an urn is not selected, the cremated remains will be returned in a temporary hard plastic container after the cremation process.

Is a casket needed for cremation?

No, a casket is not required for the cremation process. All that is required by state law is a rigid container which is cremated with the body.

Is embalming required prior to cremation?

Absolutely not -- embalming is not a legal requirement of the cremation process, and it is against the law for a funeral home to tell you otherwise.