Who We Are

What we offer

Here at Nutmeg State Cremation Society we offer what is called a direct cremation service. We offer this to the families of lower Fairfield County. It entails the transfer of the deceased from their place of passing to our location. We wait the required 48 hours required by the State of Connecticut before the cremation processes takes place. In that time we get all vital statistics necessary to complete the Death Certificate, and file the necessary paperwork in the town in which the passing happened. Once everything is complete we have the family pick up the cremated remains from our location on a Monday or a Friday. 

What we do not do

In order to keep our prices low we do not have a typical sit down arrangement like you would with a normal funeral home. Everything will happen through email and phone calls. We do not assist families with obituaries, prayer cards or extra merchandise items of that nature. We do not do Identifications, or family participations for the cremation. We do not offer these items so we can make the cremation process simple and easy for those families looking for our assistance.