The Nutmeg Guarantee

  • We guarantee your loved one’s cremated remains returned to you.
  • We guarantee the lowest priced cremation in the entire State of Connecticut.
  •  We guarantee security of your loved one throughout the entire process.
  • We guarantee a transparent and forthright relationship with the family.
  • We guarantee professional and dignified service to everyone involved.
  • We guarantee your loved one will never leave our custody, at your request.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with any part of our service, we will do whatever we can to satisfy your request.

Here at Nutmeg State Cremation Society, it is of great importance to ensure peace of mind not only to the families whom we serve, but to the staff as well.

Assisting many families each year, we want to ensure a fool proof system that identifies and tracks your loved one from the transfer from the location of death up to and including the return of ashes to the family.

Below is our 11 step process, The Nutmeg Guarantee, that ensures a seamless process.

The identity of your loved one is verified by the healthcare provider (i.e., Hospital/Nursing Home/Hospice), by a family member or law enforcement officer at the home or other location of death. Whoever this person may be,  he/she will be responsible for signing an I.D. Verification Form provided by our organization.
A secured ankle bracelet is then applied to your loved one’s right ankle bearing his/her name, date of birth and date of death.
If desired by the family (and only done with family authorization), an additional method of identification upon the arrival of your loved one at our facility is to take a black and white photo of his/her face. The photo is taken and placed in a file on our computer system. This photo is then shown on a screen to the individual(s) who is/are making the arrangements.
A unique identification label is assigned to your loved one for internal purposes, for added security and identification and, above all, peace of mind.
A State Medical Examiner’s assistant is dispatched to our facility, verifies the data that has been collected and is recorded by the State. In turn, a paper authorization, "green slip", is produced and will be filed with the State of Connecticut.
The cremation container is marked with your loved one’s information, including our facility’s information for further identification purposes.
Prior to departure, two staff members, independently, identify the decedent once again and sign internal forms to ensure accuracy.
The crematory takes possession of your loved one, who is immediately assigned an official Crematory ID bracelet, which bears a unique code that is logged into their system upon arrival. That ID bracelet NEVER leaves your loved one to ensure a strict and fool proof identification process.
Once the cremation is complete and the ashes have been processed accordingly, the cremated remains are either placed into a temporary container or a family selected urn. This container will also include the crematory issued ID bracelet that was with your loved one, every step of the way.
When complete, the ashes are verified by our representative, via the Crematory ID bracelet and the information provided on the external temporary container. This information properly identifies the cremated remains and ensures accuracy.
Once the ashes have been returned to our facility, we contact the family to pick-up the remains and require the individual(s) to verify all the information provided and we take note of the date/time and names of those retaining the ashes. Signature(s) by the recipient is mandatory and picture I.D. is required.

Although we mention these 11 steps, one may state, that it just isn’t enough. For that small percentage who believes in the added peace of mind, we at Nutmeg State Cremation Society offer personalized accompaniment of your loved one.

That’s right!

For added comfort and peace of mind, we can assign a representative to observe the process at the crematory to ensure your loved one never leaves our custody. Although we thoroughly trust our colleagues at the crematory, we want our families to feel comfortable, knowing that Nutmeg State Cremation Society cares for your loved one, as if he/she were part of our family.

For the ultimate comfort and peace of mind, families have the ability to visit the crematory and inspect the facilities prior to the cremation process. In family members can witness the initial start of their loved one’s own cremation.

We will do everything possible to ensure the family’s peace of mind with the cremation process. We are committed to provide each family with a supportive experience and one that isn’t a financial burden to them.

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