The Benefits Of A National Cemetery Burial For Veterans

By: Tom Gallagher
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

When a veteran passes, the family can get burial services at a national cemetery. The experts at Nutmeg State Cremation Society have put together this information about the benefits of a national cemetery burial for veterans.

The Benefits

Available burial benefits include:

  • A gravesite at any National cemetery that has space available
  • The grave opening and closing
  • Perpetual care service
  • A government medallion, marker or headstone
  • A burial flag
  • Presidential Memorial Certificate, for which the family has to pay nothing
  • Some Veterans might also be eligible for burial allowances.

If the veteran was cremated, the remains are inurned/buried in a national cemetery in the same way and with all the same honors as the casketed remains.

Benefits For The Veteran’s Family

Burial benefits that are available to dependents and family buried in a national cemetery include the following:

  • Burial alongside the Veteran
  • A perpetual care service
  • The headstone will have an inscription with the dependent’s or spouse’s date of birth & death and their name death, at no cost to their family
  • Eligible dependents and spouses may be buried, even if they pass away before the Veteran.

The veteran's family will need to make cremation or funeral arrangements with a cremation office or funeral provider. The family will have to pay for any service or item obtained from the cremation office or funeral home.

The VA has created Planning Your Legacy, a VA Survivors & Burial Benefits Kit, to help Veterans and their immediate family members in all pre-need planning and record storage.

If you need any additional information about these burial benefits for veterans or details about our preplanning services, please call Nutmeg State Cremation Society. Our team will provide you with all the details you need and help organize everything.

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