Can I Scatter Cremated Remains On My Own Property?

By: Tom Gallagher
Thursday, July 14, 2022

As more people choose cremation as their mode of disposition, the cremation rate in the country is rapidly increasing. According to Statista, the average cremation rate in the United States was 56.1% in 2020 and is projected to hit 72.8% by 2030. At Nutmeg State Cremation Society, we have observed that burial is no longer the norm.

Cremation is gaining popularity among communities, and many pre-planners choose cremation over burial. Although this method is growing in popularity, there are still uncertainties over the procedure and what can be done with the cremains.

Am I Permitted to Scatter Cremated Remains On My Private Property?

Numerous families spread the ashes in the sea or natural surroundings. However, they also wish to know if cremated ashes may be scattered on their private land. You can scatter cremains on your own land and spread these on any private property with the owner's permission.

Before making a decision, it would be prudent to discuss your needs with a funeral director who is aware of cremains disposition regulations. Occasionally, families relocate from a given location, and the ownership of a current favorite place may change.

If you feel the desire to have the deceased soul's remnants around, it is vital to consider this factor. A more appropriate alternative would be to place the urn of ashes in your yard or garden and establish a little monument at that place. This also allows you to transport the urn to a new residence if you decide to relocate.

If you need assistance organizing a dearly departed soul’s cremation, contact us, and we'll be happy to help. Nutmeg State Cremation Society’s experts are here to provide all the details you require about our services. We offer cremation services, and our team can help you with various aspects of the process. 

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