Finding A Good Estate Planning Lawyer or Financial Advisor

By: Tom Gallagher
Thursday, August 11, 2022

When you die, what will become of your assets? We at Nutmeg State Cremation Society understand that this is not a pleasant topic to consider. Still, a financial adviser specializing in estate planning mustn't want you to avoid it.

How to Find a Good Estate Planning Lawyer

Your estate plan will likely include a list of objectives you wish to accomplish. The experience and estate tools of a financial advisor can help you design an estate plan that addresses all of your objectives. Consider the following when you start your search:

  • Finding a good estate planning lawyer should naturally begin online. Google and other search engines can help you find local financial advisors; however, the results can quickly become overwhelming.
  • Therefore, it is preferable to begin your quest by asking for suggestions from people you know.
  • Ask friends and family members in similar circumstances who they use. To obtain the most relevant advice, the individuals should have a present financial condition that resembles your own.
  • You could also ask other experts with whom you collaborate for referrals. Your lawyer or attorney might be an excellent recommendation source.
  • You should interview many advisors before deciding on a partner. Look for an estate planning lawyer specializing in wills, estates and trusts and making it their major profession when searching for one.
  • You can determine the advisor's expertise by their degrees and certifications. For example, the accredited estate planner, or AEP, title offered by the NAEPC is a master's degree for estate planning specialists. Other designations for estate planning include the CTEP and the CTFA.

Nutmeg State Cremation Society offers cremation services, and our team can help you with various aspects of the process, so feel free to contact us.

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