What Is A Direct Cremation?

By: Tom Gallagher
Thursday, January 26, 2023

You probably have many concerns and questions about cremation. There are many things to consider when dealing with cremated remains, from choosing an urn to considering more unique memorials. To begin with, though, you must decide on a cremation method. If you're trying to decide if direct cremation is the right choice for your family, this article can help.

Direct cremation, also known as "simple cremation," is the easiest way. Direct cremation, as the title suggests, is a quick and easy method where the body is cremated, and the ashes are returned to the family.

Basic cremation doesn’t have the more elaborate options, including a memorial service, a visitation, bouquets, urns, burial plots, etc. Because of this, direct cremation is also the most cost-effective choice for many families. Our Nutmeg State Cremation Society team has compiled this list of reasons why a direct cremation is a good option.

What Are Some Benefits Of Direct Cremation?

The National Funeral Directors Association reports that direct cremation is rising across the United States. There could be a wide range of factors at play here, but some of the most common are:


Comparatively, the average cost of a cremation with witnesses and a funeral service is over $6,000, while the price of a direct cremation is only $2,300.


When a person chooses direct cremation, planning a funeral or memorial service is unnecessary. There are a lot of digital services that make it possible to make reservations over the internet or by phone.


After the funeral service, families can plan a memorial service according to their preferences, financial means, and available time.

How Does Direct Cremation Work?

One of the selling points to families is how quickly and easily the direct cremation process can be completed:

  • The cremation service provider will take care of your deceased loved one’s remains
  • Your family member is being cared for in a temperature and humidity-controlled facility
  • All required documentation and applications will need to be submitted
  • A different (cardboard) container is used for the cremation
  • A cardboard or plastic urn is used to hold the cremains
  • The urn can be picked up, delivered, or mailed to your home safely
  • The process takes about one to two weeks, depending on the efficiency of the mortuary and county office that registered the death. If there will be a chance for guests to see the ashes at a memorial service, you should ask the funeral home how long this process takes as well.

Direct Cremation Costs

Funeral services and cemetery plot prices vary significantly from state to state and from funeral home to funeral home, but direct cremation is usually the least expensive option. Direct cremation in the United States typically costs $2,300.

The amount you pay at the funeral home will be determined by the specifics of the funeral you desire. It is critical to double-check that the headline price includes everything, such as:

  • Pick up service
  • Legal formalities and permissions
  • The Urn Used in Cremation
  • The Actual Process of Cremation
  • A container for cremains
  • The ashes will be returned to you

A funeral service also has no control over expenses such as coroner and death certificate fees. Coroner fees are typically determined by the number of days a person is in their care, so it's in everyone's best interest to make a decision as soon as possible. The county clerk's office can provide you with a death certificate. Funeral homes are among the businesses that can place orders on your behalf.

Cost-Effective Funeral Services

Providing exceptional value to our customers is a top priority for us. The quality we provide comes from educating our customers about our offerings and empowering them to choose the optimal course forward based on that knowledge.

We make it easy for grieving families to plan cremation services. We provide complete services and packages so that you may celebrate the life of your departed loved one in the most meaningful way. We can walk you through the steps and expenses of cremation so you can make an informed decision.

You can write to us via this online form, and one of our staff members will call you back to discuss your direct cremation requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Nutmeg State Cremation Society at 203-348-0443 for information on this and our other services.

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