Do I Need A Casket If I Only Want Cremation?

By: Tom Gallagher
Friday, February 17, 2023

At Nutmeg State Cremation Society, we get this question a lot. The answer to it is no; you do not need a casket if you only want cremation. Most people choose not to use one because a simple container transporting the body to the crematory is generally all needed. When using a casket or container to cremate a body, the casket or container is often called an "alternative container."

The container will be placed in a cremation chamber and burned along with the body. It is also important to note that some crematoriums may require an alternative container if a body is to be cremated in their facility.

Why Do You Need An Alternative Container For Cremation?

There are various reasons you still need a container for cremation including the following:

  • An alternative container is required for cremation because the body must be placed in a combustible, leak-proof, and rigid container before cremation. This container protects the body and helps ensure the dignity and safety of the cremation process.
  • The alternative container also helps prevent the spread of disease and protects the crematory equipment from damage during the cremation process.
  • Employees of a crematorium are not allowed to handle human remains without first placing them in a sealed container, as required by law.

As mentioned earlier, the alternative casket or container must be made of materials that can withstand high temperatures and not release harmful chemicals during the cremation process.

Types Of Caskets Used In Cremation

For cremation, there are typically two types of caskets used:

  • Cremation Caskets- Cremation caskets are specifically designed for cremation and are made of materials that can withstand high temperatures. The most common cremation containers are made of wood, cardboard, or pressed wood fibers, and they are often much more straightforward than traditional caskets.
  • Rental Caskets- Rental caskets are used for viewing or funeral services before the cremation takes place and are typically more decorative. After the service, the body is transferred to a cremation casket for the actual cremation process.

Different Ways To Say Farewell To A Loved One

Choosing a casket for a departed family member or friend may be emotional and taxing. If a family opts for immediate cremation, we will supply a cardboard casket at no cost. For families concerned about their carbon footprint, cardboard cremation caskets and urns are the best choice.

Cardboard caskets for cremation are an affordable and environmentally friendly option; fortunately, many are veering towards these. In the container, you can place mementos such as blankets, clothes, letters, and other artifacts. Here at Nutmeg State Cremation Society, we do everything we can to help grieving families find peace and resolution after a loss.

When Might A Family Choose To Use A Traditional Casket?

Some families purchase a casket for a loved one even when they have selected cremation as the final disposition method. This is often done for several reasons, including:

  • Traditional funeral services: A casket is often used during funeral or memorial services. A casket provides a physical focal point for the grieving process and can help create a sense of closure.
  • Respect and dignity: A casket can symbolize respect and dignity for the deceased and can provide a final resting place for the body before cremation.
  • Personal preference: Some families choose a casket simply because it aligns with their beliefs and preferences, regardless of the final disposition method.

In cases where a casket is used, it may be a rental casket for the funeral service, which is then replaced with a more simple cremation casket for the actual cremation process.

Cost-Effective Funeral Services

We are a reputable cremation provider and work closely with our clients to understand their requirements. We proudly offer our clients the lowest-priced direct cremation services in Stamford and Fairfield County, CT.

If you have lost a loved one, please accept our sincere condolences. We understand this can be a trying time, and our professional and helpful team is here to provide complete support with customized cremation services.

Our approach ensures you can honor your loved one on your terms. You can write to us through this online form. One of the experts will call you to discuss your cremation requirement specifics. You can also call Nutmeg State Cremation Society at 203-348-0443 and discuss your requirements with our team. 

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