William Connolly Jr.

Obituary of William Connolly Jr.

William J Connolly, ("The Squirrel", "Pa'', "Dad-dude") was promoted to glory December 6th at 10:45 pm.. surrounded by loving family.

He came into the world on November 11th, 1930 to parents, William J. Sr. & Christina Connolly, and siblings, Mary, John & Bobby.
Dad leaves behind a loving legacy to children Bill the 3rd (Virginia), Tim, Jane (Patrick) & Beth- and grandchildren Leah (Jon), Billy the 4th, Amanda (Juan), Paul and Joey.
    In the words of youngest daughter Beth: 
   "My Father is a man that none can compare to. He is compassionate. He is kind. He listens. He loves his children more than anything. He feels. He gives. He laughs. He works hard. He LOVES with his WHOLE heart. He is talented. In so very many things. His smile can light up a room. It does. He is humble. He shouldn't be. He is a Legend. In the TRUEST sense of the word. He is handsome. He is the greatest Father. He IS a Father. He is a great Grandfather. He is a man of God. He is devotional. He is intuitive. He gives great advice. Grand Marshal of the 2013 Greenwich Saint Patrick's day parade! He is a veteran. He is a Marine. The list goes on and on. 
Dad, I'm pretty sure that you are the best thing that has ever happened. I love you. "
   "The Squirrel" attended St Mary Grammar School and studied for the priesthood at St Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield, oft engaging in 'post-study-high-jinx''-
earning him the nickname "DUX, Head of the (Troublemaking) Triumverate". 
    After seminary, Dad ran his late father's "Connolly Tailor Shop" before serving at Camp Lejeune Marine Base, NC- attaining a corporal rank. He married the beautiful Ella Morehouse on October 9th, 1954!
    In the late 50s, He started the Meat Department at Quinns Market- ("That wasn't a job, it was a way of LIFE!") which produced many of his funniest stories.
*(Once when a cranky customer questioned the butchers' cleanliness, demanding: "Don't you have GLOVES??!!"
..fellow butcher Kevin Murray quipped: 
"Ah, surenow, we DO, ma'am- over there on the wall-"small, medium & large"....
    *Another day- an agitated elderly customer was pointing at HER feeble centenarian mother, screaming in front of all: "LOOK at her! She hangs ONNNNN and ONNN and ONNN!!")..
    The Squirrel's hilarious tales of random townies could fill at least a week's worth of Greenwich Times. 
    Throughout the 1960s-on.. "Connolly Signs/ Yacht Lettering'' cranked out hundreds and hundreds of signs (and jokes) all over town, including Dad's ''all-nighter gold-leaf lettering marathons'' of the Greenwich Police Cars, many stylish personalized mailboxes scattered like jewels from Stanwich to Chickahominy, and classic pen & ink drawings of treasured (some razed) historical buildings.
    Oldest son Billy fondly recalls: "When I was a crewcutted kid of eight, I'd ask Dad: "How was your day?"..Dad would recall: "Let's see.. Jesse Schultis invented a machine that only makes SMOKE- and filled up my van with it..Then Smitty ('Smith Rents It') set up folding chairs in front of 'The Cheese Shoppe' to scarf down free samples, Al Helbig welded my truck to a parking meter, then Bobby Craig & I wheeled ol' Kitty Fregis up the back alley on a handtruck to leave her at the Knapp's Funeral Home Flower Depository, but got laughing so hard, we couldn't do it"...
   Young Billy thought: "When I grow up- I wanta do THAT for a living!"
    Dad derived great JOY from playing in the Greenwich Police Band in the 1980s! He recalled: "Once when I was leading the band with proud & skillful baton-wielding, in perfect cadence down Greenwich Avenue- I called out a SONG that NOBODY had practiced...leaving a trail of cussing bagpipers behind me!"..A few subsequent band toasts with ample 'cold ones' eased the pain..
    In 2000- Following up on his seminarial training, William became "The Oldest Living Altar Boy on the East Coast"- serving with brother-in-law Frank Morehouse at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Port Chester, where he relished becoming a Eucharistic Minister, giving out communion. He developed a strong friendship with Father Peter Gelsomino, and the 2 could be seen daily breaking bread, counseling and joking at MacDonald's & Lenny's Bagels..
    Throughout his amazing life, Dad has been a loving father, friend to anyone, writer, artist, prolific storyteller, and 'crafting magician'-he could lovingly wield a pile of 'ordinary rubble' into a gorgeous stunning treasure (like when he built his church a TABERNACLE!!) 
Son Bill wrote a Fathers' Day Tribute in the Greenwich Time: "On the Day I was born, Dad RAN THROUGH THE HEDGE NEXT DOOR!!.. He's filled my life with laughter, love & enthusiasm ever since!''...He said what motivated him out of bed each morning was hearing the words 'Come follow me'..He wore a ring so people would ask what it was- it was to symbolize his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation"..(Ephesians 2:8,9- 'For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is a GIFT of God; not of works, lest any man should boast")
   God bless you, "Pa'", "Squirrel", Dad-dude'-
 We love you! Thank you giving us: 
"Memories more precious than coins in the purse".
*(Memorial Service information will be announced later)